Updated Oct 14, 2022
14 Best Free Icon Sets for UI Design (2022)
A good quality icon set is invaluable. We've searched through hundreds of free icon sets and have curated the absolute best for you in one place!
Icons are a vital element in modern UI design and web design, as they add value to the design and can make it stand out. There is a wide variety of icon sets available on the internet, ranging from free and open source to paid ones.
However, not all icon sets are of the same quality, and choosing the right one can be a challenging task.

To our surprise, we found that many of the best icon sets are available for free. Thus, we have compiled a list of the highest quality free icon sets that we think are perfect for user interface design.

While there are countless free icon sets available online, this list includes only the absolute best ones that are worth your time. We intentionally made the list short and included only the highest quality sets to save you time and effort in choosing the perfect set of icons.

With the right icon set, designers can enhance their projects and make them more visually appealing. So, make sure to choose the best icon set that suits your project's unique needs and requirements.

In web design and UI design, icons are essential visual elements that represent a concept or functionality. They serve as visual cues that are quickly recognizable and easily understandable for users.

Icons are prevalent in modern UI design and are found in various web applications and mobile apps. For instance, lock icons represent a locked functionality, tick icons signify a completed or saved action, and trash icons indicate deletion or removal.

Icons have become so prevalent in modern UI design that users often don't even have to think about their meaning. They are ubiquitous and serve as a visual language that bridges the communication gap between users and the interface.

Take a look at the icons below. These icons are universally recognized and represent a range of concepts, from navigation to editing tools to social media platforms. With their straightforward and recognizable design, they help users navigate through an interface and enhance their overall user experience.

In conclusion, icons play a vital role in modern UI and web design. They are crucial in providing users with quick and recognizable visual cues that help them navigate through an interface with ease. So, it's essential to choose the right icons that align with your project's unique needs and requirements.

1. Feather Icons
feathericons.com — 287 free icons

Feather Icons aren't the biggest free icon set on this list, but they'll always be one of our favorites. This free minimal icon pack was crafted by Cole Bemis and features 287 simply beautiful open source icons.

Each icon is designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and readability. If you're looking for a lightweight and scalable icon library that will work in almost any project, Feather Icons are a great option! It's one of the most popular icon sets in the world for a reason.

You can download the entire library in SVG format as a .zip from their site.

2. Heroicons
heroicons.com — 230 free icons

Heroicons is an incredibly popular and open source icon library crafted by Steve Shoger, one of the creators of Tailwind CSS.

It consists of 230 beautifully crafted and minimal MIT Licensed icons. Similar to Feather Icons, this icon set is not going to be the biggest on this list, but we love it because it's neutral and will suit pretty much any project.

Heroicons are also unique in that it includes 2 separate styles, depending on your use case. The outline icons are created with 2px stroke weight and are designed to be rendered at 24x24px. For smaller use cases such as buttons and form elements, this icon set also includes solid icons which are designed to be rendered at 20x20px.
3. Phosphor Icons
phosphoricons.com — 6,282 free icons across 6 styles (1,047 icons per style)

Phosphor Icons are a free icon set crafted by Helena Zhang and Tobias Fried. It's a clean, consistent, and huge library of 1,047 icons across 6 different styles — thin, light, regular, bold, fill, and duotone.

You can download the Phosphor Icons set as individual SVGs via. The team have also released a handy Figma Community file and Figma plugin, as well as a Sketch plugin and NPM install.

4. Tabler Icons
tabler-icons.io — 1,950 free icons

Tabler Icons are a solid icon set crafted by Web Developer, Paweł Kuna. They're another great example of a simple and well-made icon set that is flexible and large enough to use in just about any project.

The entire icon pack is open source and free to use in designs without attribution. You can even preview how the icons look at different sizes and stroke weights via their website.

Tabler Icons are a free and open source icon set, but you can support the creator by donating on GitHub.

5. Remix Icon
remixicon.com — 2,271 free icons across 2 styles (1,135 icons per style) Remix Icon is a set of 2,271 neutral icons across 2 styles — line and solid.

This free icon pack is maintained by Remix Design — duo Jimmy Cheung and Wendy Gao. They've generously made this icon library open source, which means the icon pack is 100% free to use for both personal and commercial use. If you find it useful, please consider contributing to the project via the Donate link on their website!

Free download this icon pack via their website as a single .zip containing SVG files, as an icon font, or even as an NPM install.

6. Eva Icons
akveo.github.io/eva-icons — 480 free icons across 2 styles

Crafted by Akveo and the team behind Eva Design Assets, Eva Icons is a set of 480 beautifully crafted open-source icons in SVG and PNG formats. They've also included both a Figma and Sketch library.

There are two main outlined and filled styles. We love them because they're super clean and minimal. However, it's important to note that these icons have been converted to outlines. This means that you won't be able to customize stroke weight or corners etc.

7. Ionicons
ionic.io/ionicons — 700+ free icons across 3 styles

Ionicons are an open source and MIT licensed icon set built by the team behind Ionic Framework. This icon set consists of 700+ free icons across 3 styles — outline, filled, and sharp. They also include useful social media icons!

You can download the entire library in SVG format as a .zip from.

The Ionic team has also released a useful Figma plugin so you can search for Ionicons right from inside Figma.

8. Streamline Core Line Icons – Free
streamlinehq.com — 1,000 free icons

Streamline Core Line Icons are a huge icon set that are open source under the Creative Commons License. This is a huge free library consisting of 1,000 vector icons. We love this style because it's clean, consistent, and clearly crafted by professionals. Streamline have been creating icon sets since 2010 and know what they're doing.

This free icon pack is part of Streamline's larger Core Line Icons – Pro icon set — their complete collection of icons for UI design, with 2,025 vector icons across 14 categories. They offer a subscription from $19/month or you can buy the single icon set outright for $89. It's important to note that you don't get future updates if you purchase outright!

9. css.gg Icons
css.gg — 704 free icons

css.gg is a unique open source icon set that was written entirely in CSS. It was recently created by frontend developer, Astrit Malsija, who also runs a YouTube channel with useful CSS tips.

The icon set is well-organized and consists of 704 free icons available as CSS and SVGs. It has proven incredibly popular and community members have even contributed Figma and Adobe XD files.

You can check out the icon set at. If you find these useful in your projects, consider donating to the creator here!

10. Majesticons
majesticons.com — 720 free icons across 2 styles (360 icons per style)

Majesticons are a useful icon set crafted by Gerrit Halfmann. They consist of 720 free MIT License icons in two styles — line and solid.

We love this icon set for a few reasons. Firstly, they're super minimal and consistent which means they'll work well across any type of web design or UI design project. Secondly, they're clearly crafted with care by a professional and are easy to customize right in Figma!

If you need even more in the future, they also have an expanded icon pack for sale with 3,200+ vector icons across 48 categories. It looks great and is made with Figma based on 24px grid system with 2px stroke width.

11. Iconoir
iconoir.com — 1,151 free icons

Iconoir is a great open source icon set crafted by Product Designer, Lucia Burgio. It comes packed full with 1,100+ icons in SVG format, as well as icon libraries for React, React Native, Figma, and Framer.

We're big fans of these icons for their paired-back and super minimal style. They're ideal for modern user interface design. So much so that Framerintergrated them into their design software in June 2021!

The Iconoir icon set is 100% free and open source and you can preview every single SVG icon on their website. If you find it useful, you can support the creator on Open Collective.

12. Material Icons
fonts.google.com/icons — 2,500+ free icons

Material Icons Library is a free icon set by Google for the Material Design system. This icon set is 100% open source under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Material Design icon sets are available in five different themes — filled, outlined, rounded, two-tone, and sharp — and are one of the most popular icon sets in the world. Google has also recently released an official Material Symbols Figma plugin.

13. Bootstap Icons

icons.getbootstrap.com — 1,600+ free icons
Bootstrap Icons are one of the most popular open source icon sets in the world. With 1,600+ icons in line and fill styles, Bootstrap Icons are designed specifically for Bootstrap's components and documentation.

Similar to Material Icons, we have omitted this icon set from our list for subjective reasons. It's a fantastic resource for designers and developers who use Bootstrap, but we believe they're starting to look a little dated. Many of their core icons have striking inconsistencies in stroke weight and optical balance. For this reason, we haven't included it in this list
14. Font Awesome Icons
Font Awesome Icons are one of the oldest and most popular icon sets in the world, used by millions of designers, developers, and content creators. Originally developed in 2012, it was designed for Bootstrap but evolved into its own icon set.

You've probably heard of Font Awesome before, and if you haven't, you've definitely seen these icons on the web. As of 2020, Font Awesome was used by 38% of sites that use third-party font scripts.

Their free library includes a huge 2,009 free vector icons across multiple styles. They also have a paid premium plan that includes 16,000+ icons with faster loading and technical support.